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3 main pyramids their connection to earth!

Putting it bluntly ,When it is time to harvest the earth again as they have done in the past, being the giants represented by the Olmec busts that have been dug up have done before , mankind would have to start from scratch again & a possible future rewrite of another genesis.

The pyramid builders, the giants put the gaza pyramids together with ease. We’ve dug up artifacts of them  . Giant head busts dug up in mexico.

Now for the beings that are trying to inform us with the crop formation above left , I believe are our great ancestors and trying to warn us and communicate via the crop circles.

Probably in their space program millions of years ago and escaped the earth harvest and have evolved ,adapted  and have become silicon instead of carbon based , and are concerned and creating the crop formations to inform us of the impending danger that mankind is facing as well as advanced technologies that may help us as well.

They are star based and communications that we have attempted with them is wrong .

And they communicate thru the stars .

Olmec Heads

Busts olmec mexico earth harvestors
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