The Knowledge

The Answer

I am a native Chicagoan was doing doordash and retired for the evening in my car at diversey harbor a while back and I watched some amazon prime went to sleep woke the next morning and started searching amazon for a video I remembered watching part of and I really wanted to see the whole thing but couldn’t find it . I even googled  phrases the narrator spoke just before the crop circle part.

The narrator stated that he had a tear in his eye concerning their main meaning

And the crop formations where only shown after they were mowed down or harvested!

The video had the answers in picture form and narrated as well.

From what I do remember I was able to solve the puzzle .

The runways only seen from the sky above ,the many sophisticated artifacts ,the olmec heads that were shown as the pyramid builders together with the many recent crop formations , the info regarding them , and also regarding the silicon beings as well .

The video that I saw, that I watched the prior evening at diversey harbor showing me all of this was shown to me while I was asleep .

So that evening I really had a Dream...

And within a-day or two made the video,

FIRST CONTACT on youtube!

I made the youtube video while it was still fresh in my mind because I couldn’t just ignore this so I created First Contact on  future information exchange so that once the word gets passed around about whats up , athen we all from around the world can put OUR heads together and see what can be done .Many Thanks!



I AM author of galaxy3